Grade A Films


Breathe Normally (2022)

In a world gone bonkers, a determined woman exposes a recluse to his worst fear.

You Can See The Dinosaurs (2022)

A dying man receives an unexpected visit from his estranged astrophysicist son.

You Will See Me Again (2021)

Still from You Will See Me Again (2021)

After being hurled him back in time, a genius inventor seeks to reunite with his son.

Boundary (2020)

Still from Boundary (2020)

A reluctant assassin must protect his pregnant wife after he becomes entangled in a rogue customs agent's drug ring.

Body (2019)

Still from Body (2019)

A woman in labor hallucinates driving down a dark, isolated road where she encounters a naked man, curled in a ball.

Coins Only (2018)

Still from Coins Only (2018)

A landscape artist becomes greedy when he discovers a supernatural wishing well that returns dollars for coins.

Small Packages (2017)

Still from Small Packages (2017)

A man's heroic impulses kick into high gear after he receives a chilling ransom note.

The Seen (2016)

Still from The Seen (2016)

A disfigured man returns to the scene of a fatal house fire.

Hello November (2012)

Still from Hello November (2012)

A reclusive witch faces the world on the day after Halloween.

A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)

Still from A Rock and a Hard Place (2009)

A jailed man hatches a clever (and sinister) plan to rid a massive rock from his father's backyard.